How Much Does A House Clearance Cost?

How much does a house clearance cost? We often receive a call starting with this line, “we are clearing my relatives house, how much will it cost?”

This is a question reputable companies could not possibly answer without first visiting the property and assessing the contents.

How Much Does A House Clearance Cost?

What Companies Need To Know, & How They Come To A Quotation.

We will try to give you a few insights into what we & other reputable companies will need to know and why.

  1. Location of property.
  2. Parking availability or restrictions, & fees.
  3. Floor level of property.
  4. Any surcharge items, i.e mattresses/ TV’s/monitors/fridge/fridge freezers/ tyres.
  5. Weight of waste.

The reason we need to know about surcharge items is due to the extra charge being levied on trade customers, such as clearance companies.

This is to say, we are charged separately for them by the waste transfer stations in addition to the disposal fee of the general waste.

Unfortunately we have to pass this fee on, however at cost price if included in a house clearance.

So if a company were to quote without viewing, the end result could end in two scenarios,

Asking for more money!

Firstly: The company who may have already started clearing the property, would ask for more money!

The amount asked for can vary dramatically and can at times be asked for in a threatening manner.

Subsequently, some find it a very daunting prospect to ask them to stop or even leave the property.

Secondly & most importantly!

Knowing they have made a mistake, some unscrupulous companies may continue to clear but instead of disposing of the waste legally at a waste transfer station they tip your waste in a country lane or in farmers fields, this is called Fly Tipping.

So ensure you are given a waste transfer note by your chosen company, you do have a duty of care and are responsible for your waste even when it has left your property.

If fly tipped & traced back to you, it could result in a prosecution if you can not prove who collected your waste.

An Extreme Case Of Fly tipping Was Closer To Home For One Unfortunate Lady.

After being given what seemed to be “too good to be true quote”

A lady instructed the company to clear rubbish from her driveway, as they were so cheap she asked if they could take some more from a bedroom. They obliged only asking for a further £20, she went down made them a cup of tea and thanked them for a sterling job on completion.

A few weeks later the lady had organised to have a loft installation company install insulation. On arrival they inspected the loft and informed her they needed to clear the rubbish in there, she replied it should be clear as her husband had emptied it into the spare room a few weeks ago!

When they started to bring it down, it dawned on her it was some of rubbish she’d paid to have cleared only a few weeks earlier.

Waste Is Expensive To Dispose of Legally.

So If A Quote Is Too Good To Be True, It Normally is.

House Clearance Cost Worcester Park.

House Clearance Costs in Surrey for a typical 3 bedroom semi & garage can vary from company to company starting from £600.00 + VAT depending on the amount of contents.

Here in Surrey we have one of the highest tipping costs in the U.K at around £200 per ton for general waste.

Excluding surcharge items such as mattresses/fridges/freezers/TV’s & other small electricals.

Prices Correct At Time of Writing, Taken From Suez Waste Transfer Station, Epsom. Trade Waste Price List 2019.

Secondhand Land Can Save Money On Your Surrey House Clearance!

We can reduce your house clearance cost in Worcester Park even further.

For example: Any Items we deem valuable would be given a trade valuation, that figure would then be deducted from the final Clearance price.

That price would include all waste clearance & tipping costs & issuing the householder a waste transfer note as required by law.

We guarantee no hidden fees or extras, unless by prior agreement the householder adds further waste or items.

Most importantly, whoever collects your waste must be registered as Waste Carriers.

In addition, they must issue you a waste transfer note which should include their Carriers License Number.

For your reference and peace of mind should you instruct us for your particular needs, our Carriers License Number is CBDU 52567

For more information on our company and services please see link:

REMEMBER, you are responsible for your waste even after it has been collected.

So importantly whoever you decide to instruct for your clearance, do not accept a price over the phone without them having assessed the property.

Protect yourself, ask if they are licensed Waste Carriers before engaging their services.

If in doubt you can look up the company by entering their name here.

Click on the Environment Agency link:

Further ways in which you can save on your House Clearance Cost.

You could always sell any collectables or furniture if you have the time.

Contact your local charity to see if they do collections for larger items of furniture, white goods such as fridge or freezers, washing machines.

If you have a car and are able to remove some of the surcharge items this would result in considerable savings.

As a householder, you could take them to your local recycling centre for free.

That is to say, if you were to roll up or fold a mattress and take to the recycling centre you’d save up to £24.00 each

Fridge or freezers could save you £69.00 each

Small electricals such as TV’s similarly monitors, you’d save £20.00 Each.

In conclusion, it would be almost impossible to accurately quote without a viewing.

If You Need Any Further Help Or Advice Please Do Not Hesitate In Contacting Us.

To arrange a free house clearance, garage or shed quotation contact us today.

Thank You, Secondhand Land House; The Clearance Specialists.

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